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Wet Pour Surfacing

Wet Pour

Wet pour also known as Rubber Crumb or Bouncy Tarmac safety surface is ideal for creating bright, colourful and educational playground designs to stimulate children’s imaginations.

Wet pour Rubber Safety Surfacing is suitable for all playground installations where impact absorbent surfacing is required, the maximum fall height of any play equipment without a safety surface is 600mm. Any fall height above this requires a certain depth of safety surface which increases in depth the higher the critical fall height.

Wet pour is safe in all conditions, reducing the risk of injury from a trip or fall. This type of surfacing for playgrounds is slip-resistant and non-abrasive to young limbs. It is porous, so puddles, which can create slippery conditions in the winter, do not form.

Our safety surfaces are also wheelchair friendly.

With an array of attractive colours, we aim to provide high quality surfacing with stunning visual impact. Wet-pour is available in over 20 colours, which can be used to define areas, create fun designs and incorporate educational graphics for interactive play.

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