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Snakes and Ladders

Play Ground & Play Area Thermoplastic Line Markings

LockWood Landscapes offer a range of Thermoplastic Line Markings that would enhance any tired old playground.

We have everything you could possibly want; from classic playground games and educational number grids to colourful animals and imaginative play pieces. Playground Markings are an excellent cost-effective way to bring fun to your children’s playtime and brighten up the dreary concrete or tarmac area.

The areas of play are –

Traditional Play Markings

Hopscotch to What’s the time Mr Wolf to a gigantic snake, our range of line markings will interest all age ranges


Inspire fitness through children’s imagination with a range of playground markings that challenge and develop key skills at every opportunity. We can create bespoke playground markings or           you can choose a selection of great, fun markings from our existing range.


Numeracy & Literacy Markings come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable from KS1 upwards. Children can learn whilst they play. Using play to help children learn is a great way to make               maths more fun and help them remember maths and literacy skills at a young age. Educational playground markings can be used on their own or part of a larger markings installation and are           a great way of using empty space in the playground for play and learning.


We have a large range of animals and insects from Snails to Flies to Elephants and Whales


All our Game line markings help children develop social skills whilst they work together or against each other in a common target

Road Ways and Road Tracks

Road safety is an essential skill that all children should learn at an early age. Make road safety fun with our range of Road Ways and Track Ways markings. Our tracks and circuits are                           designed to be used by bikes, scooters and little cars.

They can incorporate roundabouts, zebra crossings, parking bays, stop signs, traffic lights as well as an assortment of other graphics such as houses, garages & petrol stations.  The tracks can            be designed to fit any play area shape. With them being in a controlled environment they are becoming increasingly popular with schools all around the UK to educate children about the                    importance of Road Safety and traffic awareness.

Multi Use Games Areas

Sports are an important part of a child’s development that offers fitness and fun whilst often working as a team. We offer full range of sports playground markings, including football, tennis,             netball and more.

We can provide – Football, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey any sport you can think of. We install to Play England Guidelines where possible or create custom size pitches to suit your play           setting.

School Logos

We can create any school logo using our laser cutting machines to give a bespoke entrance way or gate a splash of colour

Bespoke Design

A fun way to get children involved in creating their ultimate play area is to get their designs and ideas together as class projects or collectively as a school


Why use Thermoplastic Line Markings?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 3 Year Guarantee*
  • Slip resistant
  • Fully reflective and complies with BSEN 1436
  • Can be used within 30 minutes of application
  • Available in 14 standard colours
  • Up to 8 times more durable than painted line marking

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