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“We believe that every child should have equal access to the best play opportunities. All our projects provide a safe, secure environment with facilities and equipment designed to engage, interest and stretch children with even the most severe of disabilities. LockWood Landscapes can design play schemes to involve every child.

Through innovative ideas and our experience, our inclusive playground design allows children with disabilities and special needs to be active side-by-side with able bodied children. Successful inclusive play is when you cannot see the difference between the types of play. For example, all children love playing with sand and water. It is inclusive but invisible. Children can make a real splash whether they are sitting in a wheelchair or standing up, can make sand castles sitting on the sand or at a raised platform.

When planning and designing a children’s play area to be as inclusive as possible, there are a number of considerations to ensure the best value of play. These include: access for the child, risk level, natural environment, play surfaces and how much the play equipment will challenge and entertain the child. We can create an individual play area for your site or provide a single piece of play equipment that will provide quality of play.

LockWood Landscapes aim to create play areas that enable children, where possible, to leave their disabilities and wheelchairs behind, we do not promote equipment such as wheelchair roundabouts or DDA compliant chair swings however we do understand that sometimes it is necessary. We want to give children the opportunity of new experiences, what we try to do is to offer freedom. Freedom to climb, freedom to slide, freedom to rotate, freedom to swing – for everyone.”

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