SureSet Resin Bound Driveways

Resin Bound Driveways

Our SureSet permeable resin bound driveways combine stunning looks with a fully permeable, hardwearing, SuDS compliant surface that doesn’t need planning permission*.

An eye pleasing alternative to loose gravel, concrete, and brick, our SureSet domestic resin driveways need little maintenance and once installed will reward you with many years of outstanding performance. We offer a wide range of colour and texture options, to either complement or contrast any adjacent surfaces. This huge selection allows for the creation of a truly unique resin driveway that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Made in the UK from natural aggregate, SureSet will transform your domestic driveway, old or new. As well as laying SureSet on a new base, in many cases SureSet can be laid over existing asphalt and concrete driveways which means a faster, quicker installation with less mess.

*Doesn’t require planning permission: 2008 Government Legislation states that you do not need planning permission if the surface to be covered is less than five square metres or if the new surface is permeable.


Benefits of SureSet Resin Bound Surfacing

  • Smooth Finish with no Loose Stone – Seamless finish ideal for disabled access, children, pushchairs and bicycles.
  • Permeable – Porous surface, which means there are minute voids within our material. The voids in SureSet permeable paving allow water to pass straight through. This natural drainage eliminates puddles and contributes to flood prevention. The permeability of SureSet is what makes it fully SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) compliant.
  • Hardwearing – Long lasting surface for pedestrian and vehicular areas.
  • UV Stable – Colour remains true in sunlight.
  • Low Maintenance – Minimises puddles, ice and the number of joints for weeds to grow through. All you need to do is brush or power wash the surface.
  • Design Flexibility – Single or multi-coloured curves, circles, patterns and numbers can be achieved just as easily as a straightforward installation.
  • Matching Reinstatement – Can be successfully patched and repaired with an identical formulation.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Laying method is a low energy cold applied process. A thin layer (typically 18mm) minimises raw material consumption. Can also remove the need for excavation and replacement of existing hard surfacing.
  • 18 Year Guarantee

Our installation is guaranteed for 18 years against:

  • Loose stone                                             • Cracking
  • Oil damage                                              • UV degradation
  • Colour fade                                              • Frost damage
  • Workmanship


SuDS is an approach to water management introduced by the Environment Agency in 2011 to address the increasing problem with flooding. The main principle of SuDS is to mimic natural drainage i.e. allow water to soak back into the ground.

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